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January 16, 2017 2 min read

Investing in the right footwear for exercise is extremely important, and so is knowing your feet. When you exercise, your shoes are not only protecting your feet but the strenuous straining of the lower body. If you are looking to buy comfortable footwear online, first you need to understand whether your foot is a pronator, neutral or supinator. Not to mention, different forms of exercise call for different styles of shoes. Walking, running, cycling, field sport, and court sports are all executed using different techniques, and it is, therefore, important to invest in a pair of shoes that are guaranteed to take you the extra mile and maximise your performance.

Knowing your feet is the first basic step to finding the most suitable style of shoe for your feet, based on the amount of stability and support you require:  


A pronator rolls their foot inwards, and in order to stop this, they will need shoes with motion control and maximum support. Motion control will allow the foot to follow a designated line of control and help correct the gait.


A neutral foot has an arch but doesn’t roll their foot inwards or outwards. They are able to keep their gait straight. The best style of shoe for a neutral foot is a combination of stability and comfort, to maintain a neutral gait.


A supinator rolls their foot outwards. The most suitable footwear is a cushioned shoe with a soft midsole, which will offer additional support to avoid the foot rolling out.  Someone who is a supinator should steer clear of maximum support shoes as they hold up the arch of the foot.

Wondering when you should go shoe shopping? It is best to shop when your feet are at their largest. As feet swell during the day and during the heat, it is best you measure your feet towards the end of the day. When you choose your shoe, you must have approximately ½ inch of room at the top of the shoes for your toes. This will ensure adequate room to move, without hindering support.

If you participate in regular contact sport or exercise, it’s extremely important to seek footwear that aligns with your type of foot and your requirements. When purchasing running shoes, we highly recommend doing your research first – it’s not just about price, aesthetic or initial comfort. Be sure to know your facts!

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