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January 23, 2020 5 min read

Five reasons why it’s important to look after your feet:

As kids, we’re jumping, falling, running, stubbing toes, skateboarding, breaking bones, dancing, playing soccer or rugby, and sometimes wearing ill-fitting shoes because we’re growing so fast. 

All of these things that happen to us when we’re kids have an impact on the health of our feet long-term. This is because any bone injury near a joint can injure the growth plates in children, and of course, kids who are playing sports at a high level; such as dancers, gymnasts, or soccer or footy players, have an even higher risk of toe, foot, or ankle injuries. 

What does this mean for us as adults? Well naturally, we have to look after our feet! (After all, we only have TWO!)
We also have to choose our footwear very carefully, because FEET are TRICKY THINGS! (Ask any podiatrist or chiropodist!)

Here are five reasons why your feet need love and attention and what you can do to give it to them; 

  1. Did you know the health of our feet declines as we ageOlder adults are at higher risk for injuries and fractures because they lose muscle mass and bone strength as they age. They also have more problems with vision and balance, which also increases the risk of injury. As we age, the arch of our foot flattens,  which is why so many of us start preferring a wider fit. As our feet become flatter, the joints in our foot and head of the bone are subjected to more pressure than before. Strengthening our foot muscles may alleviate some of the issues, but most importantly, wearing the right shoe will make a huge difference. 

  2. Buy the right shoes for your feet, not the shoes you like the look of or the shoes that make you taller (yes, one of my friends will only wear platform sneakers due to being vertically challenged! 😝). Shoes can and do hurt and misshapen your feet, which is why so many of us love the feeling of getting our shoes off outdoors on spongy grass, or indoors on soft carpet, or even on hard surfaces such as wooden floors at home or hard sand at the beach. 
    Shoes off = relief!
    But, if you’ve bought the right shoes for your feet, you can wear them day in and day out, and through a night out on the town, too.
    Explore our range, because we’re experts in shoes that are GOOD for YOUR FEET!

  3. Try on new shoes in the afternoon. Your feet swell as the day goes on and if shoes fit in the afternoon when your feet are at their largest, you can be assured they'll always be comfortable.It’s a fact that shoes distort the way we walk, and since the invention of shoes, the health of our feet has steadily dropped! There’s no better reason to buy the right shoes for your feet! When your shoes are comfortable, you’re less likely to walk incorrectly, causing long-term damage to your feet.

  4. Wear the right shoes for the activity; Always wear the right shoes for the job – which means don't wear sandals when you're rock climbing, nor flat-soled fashion sneakers for hiking. When you’re urban adventuring or weekend nature seeking, it’s imperative you’re looking after your feet by wearing the correct shoe, because the terrain is often rugged underfoot, and you need the support to keep yourself stable.

  5. Change your socks daily to avoid a multitude of problems.
    Yes, foot odour is a big reason to change your socks often, so wear socks made of cotton, wool or bamboo, all of which allow your feet to breathe and keep them at an optimum temperature.
    We stock a number of speciality socks so explore our range here.
    Wear socks that fit ~ the width of your foot and ankle directly relates to the size of your sock. Get it right!
    Do your feet swell? Choose socks that are designed to allow for swelling. Elastic-free socks help prevent them from cutting into your leg.

You'll have noticed that time and time again we've said, “wear the right shoe for your foot” but HOW do you choose the right shoe? 

Know your foot. Yep, most of us have the full 10 toes and two heels, but it's important to know that feet come in all shapes and sizes and knowing your foot's particular quirks is the key to selecting the right pair of shoes.

shoes for feets style of foot egyptian green roman what foot type are you?
Original image via EMOII.

The Roman foot shape has a squarish or roundish forefoot, which requires more room at the front of the shoes. 
When choosing shoes for the Roman foot, avoid a narrow or sharply pointed front.  Shoes with a square toe, round toe, oblique toe or egg toe are all good choices, so explore the Olukai range if you've got a Roman foot shape.

For those of you with the Egyptian foot shape, choose shoes that have extra space for the big toe, and enough overall width to avoid squishing to the big toe. Check out the Keen range - you can't go wrong if you're an Egyptian foot shape with Keen. 

The Greek foot shape can work well with pointed shoes but high heels are not recommended because they push the foot forward and squish the second toe in the toe box. Youch. Shoes with laces are a great option to prevent the foot from sliding forward. Check out the stylish Teva collection. 

Aside from the toe shape, there are also other aspects to consider when you're choosing your ideal footwear. Things such as; high or flat arch, foot width, instep height, heel shape, etc. People with a high arch and high instep might need shoes with a higher toe box. People who have a flat foot can get tired with long walking, and better choose shoes with proper arch support.

Use the rule of thumb.
There should be about 1-1.5 cm between the front of your longest toe (as the Greek Foot second toe is longer than the first) and the end of the shoe which should be half a thumb to a full thumb between the end of your longest toe and the end of the shoe. You want the heel to fit snugly and it shouldn't slip out when you walk. The upper part of the shoe (over the top of your foot) needs to be snug and secure, and not too tight anywhere. In a shoe, you need to easily wriggle all of your toes when the shoe is on.
NB: For hiking with full packs aim for a full thumb, but for casual, general and light hike use, a half thumb is more than enough.

The depth of your shoe is incredibly important! KEEN shoes are a much deeper shoe than most which allow for someone with a higher midfoot to fit ... but more importantly, allows for someone to remove the KEEN insole and put their own custom orthotics in. In our current range, the KEEN Explorer is a great example of this. 

We love to share the responses from our happy and satisfied customers, and this one was emailed to us by a customer who has orthotics. We helped her out and advised her to get our KEEN Explorers. She loved them and responded with this great review, "Love them!!! Perfect fit with the help of Matt sending me a foot measuring chart." (click here to check out our fantastic chart!)

Now that you're a little wiser on foot-matters, head on over to our Instagram and Facebook and leave a comment under the matching post. Just type GREEK, EGYPTIAN or ROMAN and let's see who has the rarest foot shape!!!

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