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August 08, 2019 2 min read

What’s guaranteed to ruin a great day wandering around the city? WET FEET, that’s what!
There’s nothing worse when you’re meandering along a forest path, exploring the unseen corners of your local town, or adventuring along iconic walking trails, than the discomfort of soggy socks in soaked shoes.

Learn how to AVOID wet shoes & socks; Read on for the low down on the difference between water-resistant, water repellent, and waterproof PLUS the technology (aka nitty-gritty) of waterproof membranes because they’re a GAME CHANGER when it comes to shoes!
1. WATER RESISTANT SHOES keep water OUT to some degree … but not entirely. You’ll need to avoid jumping in puddles, standing in torrential downpours, and avoid long exposure to the elements. The thick weave of these canvas uppers along with their moisture-wicking linings makes these Olukai shoes the ideal footwear for LIGHT exposure to the elements.

2. WATER REPELLENT SHOES are coated to keep (most) water out and the seams are often sealed/glued to prevent water from entering the shoe. Leather is naturally water repellent, but these Keen & Olukai shoes are DWR coated (Durable Water Repellent) to increase their water repellency. These styles are best for travelling, sightseeing, and light walks.

3. WATERPROOF SHOES are impervious to water and are a great choice for the best trekking footwear. They’re generally made from a rubber or other non-porous type of material ensuring water cannot penetrate seams, stitching, or material. Generally, this means that if your foot sweats then the moisture cannot escape. In 1969 Gore-Tex REDEFINED WATERPROOF when they patented a waterproof member which doesn’t allow water IN but allows moisture OUT of the material. You’re spoiled for choice when it comes to waterproof membranes in shoes because the top brands we carefully curated have developed their own in-house waterproof membrane so we can offer you the best waterproof technology!

WORDS OF WISDOM from the Shoes for Feets team:
  • Buy shoes that suit your adventure. A water-resistant shoe will usually see you through day hikes, trekking through cities, sightseeing, and general day to day wear. They tend to weigh less, retain less heat, and have a sleeker design.
  • If you are heading out hiking in the mountains for weeks in harsh wet conditions you’ll need a truly waterproof shoe. We have the best trekking footwear available in our specially curated collection.
Our motto … Don’t let wet feet ruin a great day. PREPARE wisely for your adventure!

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