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August 22, 2019 1 min read

The KEEN footwear brandis super cool, and we love their fun, urban adventuring designs.

In the beginning, Keen footwear created a sandal to protect your toes while enjoying water sports (after a nasty stubbed toe encouraged Keen’s founder to eliminate the chance of this happening again!) The Newport Sandal was Keen’s first design out of the gate and innovative and creative designs just kept on coming. Inspiration for Keen outdoor adventure shoes comes not just from the people climbing big mountains ... they’re also inspired by everyone and anyone who needs a pair of shoes for whatever adventure they’re on.

KEEN fun facts you didn’t know you wanted to know;

  1. Wide fits are Keen’s go to. The signature toe box is square in shape to create an extra-wide area for your toes to relax. Each style varies slightly, so Shoes for Feets individual shoe descriptions provide extensive fit information, but if you’re not sure, email us, we are happy to help!
  2. Keen is continuously improving on their environmental impact by conscientiously sourcing materials, labour, and technology that will leave a lighter footprint on the earth.
  3. Keen actively engages with the community with the philosophy to leave your adventure in a much better condition than when you found it. 

Shoes for Feets is proud to supply shoes that are comfortable, smart, innovative, eco-friendly, and stylish! Enjoy your very own pair of Keen's today!

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