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Our motto is; Good gear for urban adventurers. That includes providing you with the best socks, too. And as we live by the “simple, straightforward, honest service and advice” adage, it seemed timely to tell you about the incredible Smartwool range, available right here at Shoes For Feets, and fully explain their awesomeness.

The highly sought-after Smartwool Merino brand is known the world over, but their products are hard to get in-store here in Australia. So when we were approved as Smartwool stockists we were proud as punch, and we’ve been selling them like hotsocks ever since, with an ever-increasing range.

Smartwool are way more than just the makers of incredibly soft, delightfully warm, itch-free and odor-resistant socks. For over 20 years, they've been creating smarter socks that you’ll want to wear every day for every occasion. 

But WHY MERINO WOOL? I sense you pondering … well, Merino wool is much softer and thinner than regular wool so it’s amazing to wear next to skin and isn’t bulky. No Farmer Joe thick, scratchy, woolly socks here. Wearing Merino wool on your feet is beneficial in both summer and winter (and everything in between) as it cleverly helps regulate body temperature and is naturally breathable, is stink-free (yes, it’s true thanks to the anti-microbial properties found naturally in Merino), AND keeps the sweat away. Dry feet, yessssss.

But what about WOOL being too hot to wear in summer? Let’s face it – here in Australia it’s freakishly HOT at the moment (particularly on the Gold Coast at SFF HQ) … Merino Sheep live in extreme conditions on NZ’s Southern Alps and their fleecy coats are built for the extreme cold AND the extreme heat of the seasons. Throughout the Summer months their woolly fleece is breathable and can keep them cool over 35°C and in the Winter their fleece keeps them warm and insulated to -20°C – which is precisely why Merino Wool performs so brilliantly for us.

As if all those reasons weren't enough to convince you that Smartwool Merino socks are game-changers, there's one more, and it's a biggie. MERINO SOCKS ARE SERIOUSLY GOOD FOR THE ENVIRONMENT. They biodegrade. They go back to where they came from – mother nature. The footprint you leave on the earth is virtually nil when you were these socks because Merino is natural and biodegradable.

Right now we’re stocking Smartwool performance socks, casual socks, running socks, secret-sleuth socks, no-shows and work-style socks. We’ve got your feet covered! They’re crazy comfortable, totally practical, and they don’t cost the earth - so shop now!

Click here to check out the range, and keep checking back – new styles are popping up all the time. If you’re looking for stylish, technical gear we’ve got the perfect shoe(s) for your feet(s)! 

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