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Our Story

Hi, I’m Matt, and together with Kim and Eddy, we started up Shoes For Feets because we’re passionate about urban adventuring, and doing it with the best footwear possible.


Based on the Gold Coast – Australia’s sunny, outdoor-lovers paradise - we love exploring what’s in our backyard as well as around this beautiful country and overseas. We’ve been involved in the comfortable-outdoor-footwear game for over 15 years, so we know our stuff, and best of all – we live the lifestyle. We know how important it is to have stylish yet practical footwear that fits well, that can take you from sightseeing day trips and rugged inner-city adventuring, straight through to dinner in a restaurant, or a show downtown.


We know that a good grip, safety, technicality, and comfort are vital for all-day all-purpose footwear, but we also know that style is paramount. We don’t want to look like we’re out for dinner in a pair of ortho shoes from the pharmacy! We also don’t want to look like we’ve been living in the outback for the past five years without any sign of civilisation. So, three years ago, Shoes For Feets was born; bringing style, technical know-how, and comfort to you with a fantastic range of the best brands on offer. 


We’re all about the perfect fit for your feet. There’s nothing worse than a great looking shoe that feels terrible because you’ve had to squeeze your hoof into it because the shop didn’t have the bigger size you needed. Damn, that’s annoying! So, that was one of the big driving forces behind the creation of Shoes For Feets – we wanted to offer a great selection of bigger sizes and wider fitting footwear (see our printable fit guide – you’ll be stoked!) that many companies don’t stock. Our big-footed customers come back again and again because we’ve got them covered. Literally! Just read our reviews to see how many larger-sized-trotters are happy as pigs in mud.


Our motto is; Good gear for urban adventurers. We offer simple, straightforward, honest service and advice, fast and cheap shipping, and a quick checkout system. We’re here to get you the shoes you need, as swiftly and painlessly as possible. For men, women (and tweens/teens soon, too!) we have active shoes, lace-ups, sandals, slip-on shoes as well as an extensive range of lifestyle accessories such as Camelbak water bottles, blister-proof socks, Smartwool socks (literally the best socks you’ll ever wear!), beach bags, picnic sets and an exquisite range of Village Leather (handcrafted in London), to see you through any day or night-time adventure.


If you’re looking for stylish, technical gear we’ve got the perfect shoe(s) for your feet(s)!


Come shop with us. Browse our range. Sign up to our VIP news, and join us on our socials. Changes are afoot constantly, and we’re keen to take you along for the ride. We have what you need, and just like you - we’re all about adventure too.


Matt, Kimi and Eddy
Shoes for Feets.
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Good gear for urban adventurers.
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