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WRIGHTSOCK™ Stride Midweight Tab Socks

Size Guide

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  • As a midweight sock with an anti-blister design, the WRIGHTSOCK™ Stride will keep your feet happy throughout the day. The design prevents moisture, heat and friction from building up, thus, preventing the major causes of blisters. As well as preventing injury, the double layered socks are also temperature controlling and work in the hot and cooler weather. View our Wrightsock range.
  • Patented anti-blister system for socks. A double layering system is incorporated into each sock.

    Wicks away any moisture from your feet caused by sweat.

    Controls the temperature of your feet dependant on any sort of weather.

    Absorbs the friction that normally transfers to the skin causing blisters.

    The Stabilizer Zone Tech keeps the socks locked in place and provides extra ventilation.

  • These are true to size, but you may need to give your feet a minute to adjust to the dual layered technology. These are not "bulky" and they are breathable.